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The film Idiocracy (although pretty shit) carries a deeper message and I fear that we may be heading that way before too long!

The Sofa / Re: Now I remember how rubbish this whole text thing is
« on: April 15, 2014, 10:36:12 AM »
In the end, I do think it all comes down to how good the interaction was if she texts you back.

Yes exactly. Fuck texts, they are not that important, if your approach was good enough she will want to see you again.

My texts are so basic. Ill probably ping twice then date request, thats all I do.

As above.

Texting is massively overrated and over thought.

Keep it brief and simple and if the interaction was solid enough you won't have any issues when setting up a date :)

Haha yeah I saw this.

That chick was awesome, absolutely no fucks given! My kinda girl

Self Perception (Inner Game) / Re: Do I really need to "state shift"?
« on: March 11, 2014, 09:58:41 PM »
No you don't need to state shift, it's just a tool useful for people that feel the need to ease into approaching.

Tom did a good video on 'stateless game' whereby he talks about basically jumping straight in and approaching without 'warming up.'

I guess it's whatever works for you. For me, I never warm up and just full on approach, calling out any awkwardness if and when it arises :)

Congrats on the bootcamp btw, heard about your successes!

The Sofa / Re: Five reason's you'll fail at this stuff...
« on: March 11, 2014, 06:24:27 PM »
Cheers guys

The Sofa / Five reason's you'll fail at this stuff...
« on: March 11, 2014, 01:19:37 PM »
A while ago I attended a Personal Development seminar in London taught by Matthew Hussey and one thing I learned about was the "5 paralysers" that prevent you from achieving a goal.

For some reason I thought about this today and thought I'd share it with you guys as it relates to the daygame journey we're all on.

So what are the "5 paralysers"?

Overwhelm: Overwhelm occurs when we see our goal as a mountain we have to climb.  It makes us question our own ability to reach our goals.  It can lead to procrastination as we are often too scared to take the first steps on the journey to achieving our goals.

This one is prevalent in daygame, especially for those guys starting out who have yet to do a direct approach in the daytime!

Pain of Action: Pain of action is the emotional or sometimes physical pain we encounter when we are trying to achieve a goal. E.g. physical pain during a marathon or emotional pain when trying to overcome confidence issues.  We tend to become comfortable and decide that because we are comfortable we are happy.  This is not the case as comfort is NOT happiness.

Again, another one that's prevalent in daygame especially for newbies. Approach anxiety falls under this.

Risk: Risk occurs to some extent every time we make a decision. For example the risk could be a financial, emotional or physical risk.  Before making a decision we need to determine what is an acceptable risk e.g. how much money can I afford to lose before visiting the casino tonight? Risk can cause us to stall or even not attempt to reach our goals. 

While daygame isn't inherently risky, we can often falsely attach risk to outcome e.g. "I better not approach because that guy walking near her might be her ninja boyfriend and kick my ass..."

Lack of Clarity: Lack of clarity occurs when we are not sure how to go about achieving our goals.  We often have the big picture in mind but struggle to find a path to get there.  This ties in with Overwhelm as it causes us to procrastinate and ultimately stops us from moving closer to achieving our goals.

Luckily we have this awesome resource that is to all but remove this one. There is an abundance of material to help guys gain clarity as to how to get good at this stuff. Actually putting it into action is another matter entirely though...

People:  People can be a great resource to us when trying to achieve a goal.  They can also be the biggest hindrance.  We must realise that there will be people in our lives that do not share our visions and are happy in their current situations.  These people, whilst intentionally or not, can cause us to procrastinate and fail to reach our goals.  Networking is extremely important, however many of us fail to ask for help or advice as we fear we aren't able to reciprocate the value given.

Wings are great, friend's telling you this stuff is weird are not. Don't be afraid to reach out for help but at the same time don't let the opinions of others become your reality.

Overcoming the "5 paralysers"?

Be realistic! You're not going to achieve your goal overnight. Focus on the resources you have at your disposal and create a manageable plan.  This will lead to sustainable action and ultimately move you closer to your goal!

Don't think you're going to be a daygame superstar in a week, it takes time and effort to get there but don't give up!

Stop being a perfectionist! You're not going to get it right first time, don't let the fear of failure stop you from taking action. Remember failure is inevitable throughout your life, it's how you learn and adapt from failing that will move you in the right direction!

Go and enjoy the blowouts as much as the successes.

Embrace pain! Logic alone will not push you to achieve your goals, you need to feel emotion to really drive you forward! Make the pain of not doing it worse..!

You want to meet and attract the girl of your dreams right?!

Don't do it if you don't want it! If you aren't bothered whether you achieve a goal or not, then don't waste your time in the first place! Emotion is the best fuel you can have so if you aren't passionate about the idea of daygame and the ability to meet women wherever and whenever you want then it will always remain a pipe dream.

Find inspiration! The world is full of people that are living their dreams.  Use them as inspiration to show you that your goal is achievable. This can help us form a clear vision of what we want out of life and can fuel the emotion needed to fight the pain of action!

There are guys out there right now meeting and attracting the women they want in their life through this stuff alone. This could be you if you're willing to work for it!
Network! The more we network, the more we will be able to access people whom we can learn from. Find guys in your area that are already doing this and know what they're doing. It will fast track your learning process immensely!

So there you go guys, I hope you find this useful and can see how it applies to daygame as well as your wider goals!

-Craig :)

Surely you have some other interests or things that may interest you that you can try out and see whether it would be something you could take up as an active hobby?

I'm in no way shape or form a wealthy individual but I manage to maintain my interests in Crossfit, Photography, Blogging and making MotoVlogs on my bike. I travel a fair bit too.

It doesn't really matter what your interests are anyway, as long as you can talk about them passionately, that will resonate with the women you meet :)

The Sofa / Re: 'Compliment' Contradiction
« on: March 10, 2014, 01:21:30 PM »
The contradiction here is that you're on the forum asking about advice you've read from another product.

At they teach a low investment compliment and from the thousands of approaches it has been tested on, "you look nice" has worked the best, certainly for the instructors and their students.

As long as the compliment isn't massively over invested and you genuinely mean it, it's not going to "fail."

You can compliment her on her look if you genuinely think she has an interesting style.

The compliment just gets your foot in the door before you expand on it and get into a conversation.

A) Many guys out there compliments '' You have really nice nails'' , '' You have really nice hair''...etc.
women feel unnatural because she's clinically being diagnosed, and the compliments are inauthentic, robotic.kissing ass...

These compliments will come across as unnatural if you don't actually think that, which the majority of guys who say them probably don't care about the girls hair or nails.

You can ask a question dude.

If you look at her inquisitively after the assumption and then shut up she should fill the void with more information but if she doesn't then you can always reply with something like "really? So what do you do?"

Then use the information she gives to continue the attraction phase.

Asking routed questions is fine, it's when you start skipping topics and 'interviewing' her that it will go downhill.

Online dating, especially the latest craze Tinder, is essentially a buyers market where the currency is your looks.

As you have zero 'vibe', no way to sub communicate and a shit load of competition, it really is a massively inefficient way to meet the people you want in your life.

Trouble is, it requires no 'balls' to send a relatively anonymous message to someone, therefore it appeals to the masses who are too afraid to step out of their comfort zones and approach that hottie on the street.

I recently became single again and my first instinct was to get back online but after a few days I decided I was avoiding the pain of having to get back out and approach again, so I've since deleted my profiles for good!

Go out, approach some attractive females and know that I'll be facing the same things as you, as with every other daygamer. It's all part of the journey  ;)

The Sofa / Re: How epic does one become in 5 days of training?
« on: March 05, 2014, 06:41:29 PM »
Let me put it this way, what if you decide to get intense tennis training from the best tennis coaches in the world for 5 days. At the end of it, would you be the next federer? Or intermediate even?

I know a guy who had massive AA and only did a few approaches a month. He took an 11day bootcamp. He had the bootcamp rush for a few weeks when he got back, but he was back to near ground 0. IMO, it takes months and months of dedication to ingrain it in you. I've still got a ways to go, but more and more of what I say and do is very natural and automatic.

having said that, it can point you in the right direction. But you need to do the work yourself.

Yeah this is pretty spot on!

It'll give you the skill set, then it's up to you to keep it up in the medium-long term.

Great advice  8)

The Sofa / Any crossfitters on here?!
« on: March 05, 2014, 01:15:45 PM »
How'd you get on with 14.1?

I absolutely hated it due to my incompetence when it comes to double unders  ;D definitely more practice required!

Any ideas what might come up tomorrow when 14.2 is announced?

Be honest.

I'd give the same response I'd use in set, something along the lines of: "I believe that life's too short not to go and talk to someone you're attracted to regardless of where that may be." Then change the subject and talk about something else.

The Sofa / Re: Couple of firsts...
« on: March 04, 2014, 11:31:33 AM »
Haha, nice one dude!

I'm going to try and get a few hours in this Friday evening before Sunday  8)

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