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Ive tried it twice thanks.

Now wanna see how the pro's do it.

Suggestions Box / 'Daygame Anywhere' in the tube ( London Underground )
« on: October 25, 2012, 07:47:04 AM »

Hey guys,

When are we going to see Tom or Andy approach a girl on the tube? it's the one place everybody is waiting to see.

Self Perception (Inner Game) / Re: Post-Opener Anxiety
« on: February 22, 2012, 08:45:06 AM »
Hey Man,

After you deliver the Pre-frame/ opener/compliment follow that straight away with the assumption and then give the reason why you think it...

Example: Hi, sorry, can i just tell you something really quickly, i just noticed you walking and i think you look really nice and i wanted to come and say 'Hi'....AND i also like the colour of your hair/how tall you are/happy you look etc....i think its really nice....(if at this point the set has not hooked then make another assumption) im guessing....that....your....from....Latin America...?

You should now have her talking which should take the Anxiety/pressure/nerves off you and you should feel more relaxed in set which should allow you to speak while being in the present moment which is essential in daygaming......

Self Perception (Inner Game) / Re: Inner Game Training
« on: February 22, 2012, 08:13:12 AM »
Ive just noticed your post and your question is something that i had to face about 2 years ago.
This part of inner self-discovery and improvement is more of a 'Emotional' scale as opposed to a tangible reality. Of course you need to approach and interact to practice and improve but if you feel shit on the inside then your not gonna benefit all that way on your journey.

By focusing on thoughts that make you feel good you will find over time that all these so called 'inner game' issues simply do not exist, in time they will simply dissolve and you will know you are on the right path as your emotional wellbeing will improve every day. This in turn will show in your exterior world ( outer game techniques )

Feeling good is one of the most important attributes of learning game if not the most important one to excel in this skillset and all areas of your life.

When you get to the point of being happy about nothing..thats when you will notice a change and you won't even be asking these questions in this post.

So your reference point is this....the better you feel about yourself then the more in allignment you are with your true core-essence.

Get Happy and feel good and everything will fall into place..

hope this helps and good luck...

The Sofa / Re: holy crap, things are taking off...
« on: November 29, 2011, 01:49:12 PM »

Your doing really well Balu,

you must be making the girls feel really comfortable in your approaches which is really good,

keep going man,

The Sofa / Re: How to improve your vibe? what is vibe?
« on: November 29, 2011, 01:36:19 PM »
As human beings we are made up of energy,

this energy can vibrate ( vibe-rate ) at different frequencies depending on how we feel,

if we feel good then we will emitt a 'frequency' that feels good to those in our presence,

if we feel negative then those around us will start to feel down,

this explains when girls say that a guy 'creeps her out' or 'doesnt feel comfortable' she's basically saying that this guy does not 'feel good' about himself or is not comfortable being himself for whatever reason that is,

the best way to improve your vibe is to tackle this at the root which is to not negative thoughts but change the thoughts to ones that make you FEEL good,

this will be tricky at first and takes time to master,

however its an important part of being the attractive man that Women crave.

Good Luck

Self Perception (Inner Game) / Watching Your Thoughts
« on: November 29, 2011, 10:24:28 AM »

Ive come to realise one of the most powerful mindsets to have to succeed in not just game but in life is the conscious ability to be able to monitor and choose your thoughts in order to find that thought that feels better.

What i mean is that we all have events and circumstances in our lives which make us have negative thoughts..

Example: 'Im not good enough for this job' or 'Ill never be able to do that' or 'She's far to hot for me'.

This can go further as well in that you can get caught up in a mindset where you seem to focus on all the things you DONT WANT in life and neglect to think about what you DO want.

What im saying is that after some practice i am now able to recognise as soon as i start thinking negatively about anything then i just STOP thinking whatever the negative thought was that i was thinking. This does take some practice but when you are able to always reach for a different thought that FEELS better you will find this will have a profound effect on your whole life.

You will begin to realise that you are in control of your emotional state and that you as a conscious creator of your life can choose the emotional feelings that you can have.

When your approach a girl, you want to be able to feel as good as possible. If you've been thinking negative thoughts previously then this will be picked up by girls.

I am always able to take a thought and turn it into a better feeling thought. Lets take someone that hates their job for example:

Negative thinking might be: I really hate my job, it really gets me down, its so boring.

You can then change this thought pattern into something positive....

I appreciate that at least i have a job,

Im lucky i have money coming in,

My income pays the rent,

I wont be here forever,

Im hoping you get the idea in understanding that the BETTER you feel all the time by not allowing negative thoughts linger in your mind then the more it will help your interaction's with Women and also everyone you interact with in your life.

You will experience more joy in your life and your well-being will impove.

I hope this simple but yet often overlooked realisation will help you as much as its helped me.



   I struggled for ages going direct as i had crippling Approach Anxiety. I would go into central London to practice and i couldnt even open one girl.

That was then....NOW i can open ANY girl direct without any hesitation.

So, you might be asking how i made such a transition? For me it all came down to one thing and only one thing...


You have to decide what your goals are and then you have to make them so BIG and INSPIRING that all this other bullshit and pussyfooting around becomes insignificant compared to your dreams and goals.

So what if she walks away, so what if she says she has a boyfriend and so what if she ignores you...BIG FUCKING DEAL, your a man...a confident man who knows what he wants and goes for it and accepts that not every girls on this earth is going to be into you. Just move onto the next one and learn to accept the feelings of AA you might have, treat AA like its your best friend, work with it and not against it and you will discover it can become a beautiful and beneficial emotion for you.

Get out there and make your life how you want it..take the leap and ride through the momentary discomfort you might feel when you start approaching, do this and i promise you when learn to harness that pre-approach feeling and then approaching women becomes exciting and addictive.

I can tell you from my experience that to me there is a feeling far more uncomfortable then any form of rejection and that my friend is the feeling of REGRET. You have to ask yourself which emotion hurts more and makes you feel worse...

...the emotion that you might get rejected or feel uncomfortable in set OR the emotion of not even trying at all. Look at game from this perspective and this should help and inspire you to just go for it.

Good Luck

I like to use these tactics whenever i hear a girl say this:

'Thanks for the offer but im only into girls'

'Thats cool' and then carry on talking.

' Good......that will give you something to do when im busy' ( Taken from Gambler )

or i completely ignore it......

The Sofa / Re: The Perfect Approach video
« on: November 28, 2011, 01:54:26 PM »
Hey Mero,

Well done man for approaching. When i see a girl at lights i wait till she crosses the road and then ill open with 'Excuse me, this is gonna sound really random but...... ( and then go into your opener )

If i wanna open a girl on a bench then ill use roughly the same pre-frame but tweek it, for example...Hi,Sorry,  i just noticed you from over their and i had to come and say Hi quickly...then deliver the opener...

The Yad stop is the only stop i use on girls especially fast moving in Oxford Street or other busy streets. I have a 99.9% success rate with this stop but remember to gage the distance you give according to the speed they are going and to have good eye contact and body language and show intent that they ARE gonna stop for you and you will see the magic of this wonderful stop.

Happy Gaming

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