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Self Perception (Inner Game) / Nervous stopping moving sets
« on: June 04, 2012, 02:48:24 AM »
I always get nervous stopping my first moving set of the day and usually end up just doing more stationary sets.  The funny thing, though, is I have probably stopped hundreds of moving sets and they ALWAYS stop.  It is never a total blowout, yet I still have that fear.  Any ideas on how to help with this?

Actions & Techniques (Outer Game) / Compliment Approach + Follow-up
« on: March 23, 2012, 02:45:43 AM »
I'm trying to use compliment openers more in my approaches and came across the following article by Andy Yosha:

He talks about approaching with a compliment and following up with why you are complimenting.  He gives a good example, but my question is about other situations.  Many times I like to compliment a girl's shoes, but the only reason why is really the same reason any guy likes a girl in heels (ie. makes her look good from behind).  So what would you suggest in this situation - the girl might only be wearing regular heels for work and nothing that sexy. 

UPDATE: Just thought of this...maybe follow-up with a cold read type thing.  Say how her shoes tell you something about her personality and let her agree or disagree with that.

I think John is right, but this is a hard thing to do mentally.  Plus it means you gotta walk fast to catch up!  I'm a tall guy and it still seems like these girls are walking super fast.

About an hour ago I got a hot girls' number on a busy Manhattan street.  She was standing at the corner waiting for someone and I open her with my direct line, "Excuse me, this is random, but I just saw you over here and thought you were cute so I wanted to say hi."  Talked for a few minutes and got her number.  When I get over my AA and do these kind of direct approaches, I get numbers close to 100% of the time.  Problem is these ideal situations rarely present themselves and I miss so many opportunities on moving sets. 

There are basically 2 variations of moving sets that I come across most frequently.  The first would be when I am walking behind the girl in the same direction.  I rush to catch up and have tried an, "I like your shoes/dress/etc" opener.  Some girls smile and like it, some don't.  I'm not good at transitioning this, but there is some potential on the girls who smile to that line.  Any better openers for this situation?  The 2nd variation of moving set would be when we're walking in opposite directions and cross paths.  I'm basically clueless on how to go direct in that situation.  I usually end up going indirect and indirect doesn't work for me at all.  I went direct a couple times, but it seems so desperate I wouldn't do it regularly.

Any thoughts?  I am really frustrated with the fact that I know I am good once I get her to stop and get past the opener, but I don't create enough opportunities.

The Sofa / Interesting vid: girl talks about why girls look away
« on: March 05, 2012, 01:00:17 AM »
Always figured this to be true, but nice to hear a girl admit that girls will often look away from guys they find attractive.

Actions & Techniques (Outer Game) / Daygame at night?
« on: February 29, 2012, 03:05:11 AM »
What do you guys think about daygame at night?  I am actually starting to think it is better as it actually filters out the families and kids, suburbanites, etc.  I pretty much see only young people when I'm out after 8 or so.  What are your thoughts?  I realize in a smaller town it might not be as good, but this is NYC I am talking about and it's still busy.

Self Perception (Inner Game) / Self conscious in between sets
« on: February 21, 2012, 03:17:28 AM »
Anyone have any tips or advice on how not to be so self conscious in between sets?  I end up feeling creepy just hanging around and scanning the people so usually I just end up walking off and walking random streets, but that just makes me tired.  I feel the most efficient way to go about things is to stay in the same high traffic area, but can't get myself to do that.  I also worry about if someone I know were to see me and ask what I'm up to.

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