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Hey fellow people. I just wanted to share my thoughts on practicing set in a smaller city. i live in NW America, and there are only a million or so people in my city, so at times, it can take up to 15-20 minutes to find a set, i've even walked around for 45 minutes in the past. i want to get good fast, as you probably do to, so I have come up with a set of tips to find the most sets. I am under 21, and my tips are specifically tailored towards younger people, however more mature men should find this helpful.

Do alot of game on the Train. I use the train system, and never have trouble finding at least one pretty girl in the train car, and if she has friends, i go to the alternative linked train car. I sometimes open on the train, however I find this to be somewhat stressful for the girl because she has no way of escaping and you have effectively trapped her. I would recommend to only open on a very busy loud train, or near empty train where you can find time to talk. Worst case scenario get off on the same stop and her and stop her in her tracks.

When you open it will be weird for 5-10 minutes, state observations, cold reads (assumptions basically,) just fill the area with conversation, I am still having trouble with this, but I have talked to a more experienced daygamer in my area (I guess he's my wing) and it's something you get better at pretty quickly.

You should always be talkative, even when you haven't found a set, I started talking to an older lady and a baby in a stroller yesterday to get me in state, I felt awkward, but it got me into state quickly. Talk to PEOPLE!

Open people directly (hey, love your shirt, how you doin' today?) it helps you get over that hook point with normal people, as opposed to the top echelon of the world's beauties, which I find stressful. This I have just started doing, and it's good for practicing hooking when you can't find a set immediately.

Run after the girl, this sounds wierd, but if you do, you will be less likely to wimp out in my experience.

I still have trouble generating the whole sexual vibe with women more than a year or two older than me, any thoughts? Thanks a bunch, as I get better I will definitley share more info :)

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